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What Is Merkaba Meditation? – Declutter The Thoughts

When folks flip to meditation, they encounter a world of phrases they might have by no means encountered earlier than. Merkaba meditation has been round for a very good period of time, however there should be a wide range of questions surrounding what it truly means.

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What’s Merkaba Meditation – The Definition of Merkaba

Merkaba — additionally spelled “Merkabah” or “Merkahbah” — is the Hebrew phrase for “chariot” within the e book of Ezekiel. It normally refers back to the throne of God, describing a automobile by which many angels escort him to seem in entrance of others. That is the perfect description of the phrase itself, however its utility in meditation is barely completely different.

In meditation, Merkaba holds three meanings — “Mer” stands for gentle, “Kah” stands for spirit and “Bah” means physique. Whereas it’s unclear what language that is immediately translated from, those that follow meditation join this time period to Egyptian symbolism.

In Egypt, Mer means pyramid. It’s believed that the Nice Pyramid is a monument ascending to the solar within the sky, towards gentle. It’s additionally a nod to the intricate sample of the traditional Merkaba star. Aside from being a three-dimensional star tetrahedron, it seems to have two pyramids entwined with each other.

In the meantime, Kah refers to a state of life that units aside the residing from the useless. It is part of you that has a artistic life power or — fairly merely — a spirit. It’s typically confused with Bah, the soul and energy that an individual possesses.

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Understanding Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation has extraordinarily wealthy origins and showcases this meditation follow’s complexity. Everybody tends to have their very own interpretation. Basically, it’s a non secular automobile that’s used to navigate your personal private vitality area.

In essence, every particular person has their very own Merkaba. Whereas it isn’t bodily, meditating with the considered the revered tetrahedron form offers you a way of course. It could lead you to join with the universe and nature, dubbed “sacred geometry.” It’s because its interconnected traces mimic the non secular state of what’s truly in your setting.

Below sacred geometry, people have already got an present relationship with all issues on this aircraft. Nonetheless, completely different variables enter an individual’s vitality area every day. They could really feel careworn bodily, mentally and spiritually.

Consequently, it may be tough to be attuned to this type of the setting. Tapping into the Merkaba meditation strategies can refresh your vitality area and enrich your view of the universe in nature. It’s potential to realize a deeper understanding of your self and the sacred geometry that surrounds you.

Questions Raised on Merkaba Meditation

Those that have tried out Merkaba meditation could share tales of astral journey, time journey, psychic talents and extra. Nonetheless, there’s little scientific proof of this, which is greater than comprehensible. It may be tough to doc such experiences.

One other factor to spotlight is that individuals who follow meditation have had damaging experiences. Accounts could describe that they’ve reached a spot of darkness or absolute vacancy after such reflection. Some could really feel comforted by such discoveries, however others discover themselves troubled.

A examine finds that 30.6% of people that had no non secular perception had the next likelihood of going via such an encounter. There’s additionally the matter of how lengthy they’ve been meditating and whether or not they’ve been to a meditation retreat earlier than.

Merkaba meditation can work, however the finish outcomes can differ from individual to individual. If you’re trying to attempt it out, preparation is extraordinarily essential. It’s additionally really helpful to look into meditation practices as a preventative measure quite than a therapy resolution.

Seeing the Positives of Merkaba Meditation

Those that need to check out Merkaba meditation should expertise many benefits. Everybody’s background and expertise differ. Thus, the way you strategy and profit from this meditation follow may fluctuate.

Ease Despair Signs

About 20% of older adults take care of melancholy. This situation can have an effect on one’s bodily and psychological well being, particularly their coronary heart and cognitive perform. They’ve the next threat for cardiovascular ailments and episodic reminiscence.

Experiencing excessive stress and low vanity is a by-product of melancholy. Those that endure from this dysfunction might also battle with nervousness sometimes. Merkaba meditation may help you with managing your feelings and ease your thoughts.

Meditation helps you course of data higher. Sluggish your self and your vitality area down to enhance your general notion. Utilizing your Merkaba can improve your future response to the stressors that make you unhappy and stressed.

Influence Weight Loss

The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention reveals that 43% of individuals with melancholy endure from weight problems. Whereas the Merkaba meditation primarily influences your psychological and non secular well being, it may assist with the bodily facet, too.

Basically, individuals are both extrinsically or intrinsically motivated when dropping pounds.

Extrinsic motivation pertains to superficial causes for dropping pounds. They’re what your setting influences you to need. As an example, society and the folks round you dictate that being thinner will entail reputation and desirability.

Intrinsic motivation sees dropping pounds as a method of being extra attuned to your self. It’s understanding what your thoughts and physique want. Present process meditation may help you’ve extra intrinsic objectives that can gas your weight reduction journey in the long term.

Stability Your Power

Have you ever ever felt that issues round you appear somewhat off? Do you have a tendency to look over your shoulder fairly a bit? An imbalance in your personal vitality area, whether or not it’s from your self or different elements round you, can improve your stress ranges and paranoia. 

About 92% of Individuals make the most of meditation as a method of decreasing stress. By making an attempt out Merkaba meditation, you possibly can clear your self of negativity and heart your self. This additionally trickles into higher sleep high quality and calming your thoughts.

Attain Religious Development

Merkaba is extremely tied to 1’s non secular state. Present process meditation can provide immense private progress. To some extent, folks additionally liken Merkabah meditation to ascension, confronting the last word reply to life.

In the event you’re new to meditation practices, Merkaba might be overwhelming. There could even be an opportunity that you just gained’t encounter a portion of what different folks have undergone. Nonetheless, it nonetheless offers you expertise on learn how to confront your self and the universe round you.

Implore Therapeutic

Meditation has helped with sure problems, imploring folks to gather themselves and focus. For instance, practices have made their approach to the likes of substance use dysfunction and post-traumatic stress dysfunction.

Dr. Ariel Lang, the director of the Heart of Excellence for Stress and Psychological Well being on the VA San Diego Healthcare System, shares how veterans search types of meditation for his or her wellness program. She is clear in noting that it might not work for some veterans however stresses having a wide range of options.

Enhance Cognition

Merkaba meditation entails deep mindfulness and openness. It’s completely different from our pure state, the place our thoughts tends to wander and have spontaneous ideas. It may be a breath of contemporary air by way of self-regulation.

Exercising sensory notion and meta-awareness as you meditate clears distractions in your thoughts. Zoning into your Merkaba can affect management over your cognitive perform and well-being. If you wish to higher grasp your thought course of and fixed rumination, this type of meditation is price a attempt.

Partaking in Merkaba Meditation

In the event you’ve come to phrases with making an attempt Merkaba meditation, the following query is the place and the way you’re going to strategy this follow. Merkaba meditation might be extra demanding as you really want to faucet into your vitality. There are some guided meditations on-line, or you possibly can tackle the follow your self, nevertheless it’s finest to analysis forward of the expertise.


Having the fitting expectations about Merkaba meditation is essential earlier than continuing. The primary is to grasp that the strategies are for everybody. Whereas it has had many ties to Greek and Egyptian mythology together with Judaism or Christianity, it goes past tradition and faith. Everybody can bear and profit from Merkaba meditation.

That being stated, it may take a while. Sure meditation strategies could solely require a minute or two from you, however Merkaba will not be as instantaneous. It’s a course of that entails an abundance of time and persistence. It will also be trial and error to expertise the non secular transformation of this follow because it requires a lot focus.

Lastly, how an individual experiences Merkaba can differ. Apart from how damaging or skilled your dive into the universe and nature could also be, your journey to getting there’s completely different. Each particular person’s vitality area is extremely numerous. Even your personal Merkaba is completely different. Thus, the result might be fairly distinctive to you.


Are you aware how most meditation requires you to take one deep breath? Nicely, the Merkaba has 18 distinct breaths that you could inhale and exhale. It’s essential to take your time with every breath, inhaling for about seven or so seconds earlier than you launch.

Right here’s an outline of what to visualise all through the method:

  • First breath: The primary breath is to open up your coronary heart and expertise love for all the things. Breathe from each nostrils and retailer your breath in your abdomen, diaphragm and chest for somewhat bit. Once you exhale, take it gradual. Repeat this till you are feeling that you just’ve skilled compassion for all.
  • Second-fifth breath: Preserve the identical respiratory type as the primary breath.
  • Sixth breath: For the sixth breath, you possibly can nonetheless preserve the identical respiratory type. Nonetheless, 12 breaths are really helpful for this. The primary six prop your polarities, whereas the second set is supposed to clear your electromagnetic system.
  • Seventh breath: The seventh breath focuses extra on inhaling, and storing the love you’ve been harnessing into your coronary heart. Whilst you could preserve your respiratory rhythm, you possibly can let go of holding your breath.
  • Eighth breath: The eighth breath encourages exhaling by releasing all of the air in your lungs. This helps with releasing your vitality.
  • Ninth breath: Earlier breaths concentrate on respiratory from the diaphragm, however the ninth breath requires you to shift to the navel area.
  • tenth breath: The tenth breath requires extra management over your respiratory, encouraging you to exhale via your lips.
  • eleventh breath: Mix each ideas of the ninth and tenth breath, inhaling and exhaling along with your navel as you kind a gap along with your lips.
  • Twelfth-Thirteenth breath: Preserve the identical respiratory type because the eleventh breath.
  • 14th breath: The 14th breath calls you to breathe out of your navel to the sternum, the middle of your chest. Soak up breaths that rhythmically make you develop.
  • fifteenth breath: The fifteenth breath needs to be your entrance to the Merkaba expertise. Breathe along with your lips and loosen up.
  • Sixteenth-Seventeenth breath: Preserve the identical respiratory type because the fifteenth breath, stabilizing your Merkaba.
  • 18th breath: Your larger self takes the 18th breath as you traverse sacred geometry.

Hand Gestures

It’s essential to follow mudras or hand gestures to direct the circulation of our chakra vitality. Whereas they’re utilized in some yoga practices, they’re additionally fairly important to the Merkaba meditation. All through the primary 4 breaths, your thumb swaps via your index, center, ring and little finger as you management your chakra.

By the fifth and sixth breath, your thumb needs to be in your first finger. Once you transfer to the seventh breath, have your thumb contact each your thumb and second finger collectively whereas holding your palms upward. This place stays till the Thirteenth breath.

By the 14th breath, meditators are inspired to position their palms on prime of each other for the remainder of the follow. Males have their left palm over their proper, whereas girls do the alternative. 


Visualization performs an enormous half all through the Merkaba meditation. For the primary a part of the follow, you’re inspired to visualise a white gentle beaming round your physique. This gentle strikes all through your meditation course of.

As you attain the fifteenth breath, the place you enter your Merkaba, you ought to be conscious of a tetrahedral form in your spirit. Every tetrahedron seems to rotate by itself phrases and speeds at this stage. As you proceed the follow, you need to concentrate on stabilizing and growing the pace of these tetrahedrons.

Soul Intention

One final issue to recollect for Merkaba meditation is understanding your soul intention. Being conscious of what your larger self would reply to is paramount. That data could make the distinction between connecting along with your Merkaba and being unable to.

Step Nearer to Enlightenment

Merkaba meditation is a non secular follow with a wide range of layers. Whereas there could also be doubts surrounding its general effectiveness, folks can discover solace on this follow. Simply enterprise with an open thoughts.

Beth is the psychological well being editor at Physique+Thoughts. She has 5+ years of expertise writing about behavioral well being, particularly mindfulness-based cognitive remedy. Beth additionally writes in regards to the energy of human design to disclose our potential. You will discover her on Twitter @bodymindmag. Subscribe to Physique+Thoughts for extra posts by Beth Rush.


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